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De Faubert Maunder MJ. 
“A field test for hallucinogens: further improvements”. 
J.Pharm.Pharmacol.. 1974 l974;26:637-638.
An improved field test for hallucinogens was reported by Alliston, Bartlett & others (1971). The reagent used was subsequently applied as a chromogen in a novel thin-layer chromatographic system for Lysergide (LSD) (Alliston, de Faubert Maunder & Phillips, 1971). The reagent was stable-for several months and 50ng of LSD was detectable with the field test and 4 ng by chromatography, an increase insensitivityof approximately ten times over the Ehrlich variants then in use. A detection limit of 1 mcg is stated by Kaistha (1972) in this review of other field tests. Dal Cortivo, Broich & others (1966) detected 50 ng of LSD, Brown, Shapazian & Griffin (1972) and Van Welsum (1973) are more typical in the use of 1 mcg for chromatographic estimation by conventional chromogens. Practical disadvantages of the reagent for the field test were encountered. ...
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