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Henkin RI, Stillman IS, Gilbert DL, Lipicki RJ. 
“Ineffectiveness of Lysergic Acid Diethyl Amide-25 (LSD) on Altering Na-K Currents in Squid Giant Axon”. 
Experientia (Basel). 1974;30:916-917.
The effects of lysergic acid diethylamide tartrate (LSD, Sandoz) on ionic movements during the action potential of squid giant axons were studied. Methods Squid giant axons were suspended in potassium-free sea water in the conventional voltage clamp apparatus. Transient peak and steady state currents were measured by application of step pulses and leakage current estimated by extrapolation following hyperpolarising pulses, thus enabling calculation of Ha and K currents. These currents were measured alone in K-free artificial sea water and in the presence of LSD (1mcg/ml). Results LSD had no effect on either Na or K currents. The results show that LSD does not alter the basic ionic events which produce the action potential.
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