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Holden JMC, Itil T. 
“The influence of the standard pre-frontal lobotomy operation on hallucinatory phenomena assocaited with psychotomimetic drugs”. 
Origin and mechanism of hallucinations. 1970;p37-51.
Some clinical and neurophysiological hypotheses concerning the mechansms of hallucinations in groups of patients are described using the psychotomimetic drugs LSD and Ditran as the investigatory tools. Clinical ratings are based on verbal evidence provided by the patient as well as overall clinical impressions. When rating hallucinations, the basic definition, 'perceptions without corresponding stimuli from without' is applied. Results show some increase in overall schizophrenic psychopathology for hr group, with corresponding EEG changes; more significantly, the neurological changes induced by the stahndard lobotomy operation facilitated the development of auditory, visual, and tactile hallucinations and disturbances of consciousness and higher mental function with LSD-25 in the chronic schizophrenic patient. The studies indicate that the orbital cortex is but part of a neurological complex of centers subserving emotional response and probably vigilance and memory to some degree, and also excitatory clinical and neurophysiological responses to LSD-25. The relationship between the orbital plate function and reticular formation activity is also considered, and mention is made of the contrasting effects of LSD and Ditran in the study. It is concluded that the study emphasizes the usefulness of combining clinical and objective forms of measurement such as the EEG in any structiured research setting where the central effects of drugs are being investigated. 30 references.
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