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Jaffe J, Dahlberg CC, Luria J, Breskin S, Chorosh J, Lorick E. 
“Speech Rhythms in patient monlogues; the influence of LSD-25 and dextroamphetamine”. 
Biological Psychiatry. 1972;4(3):243-246.
The influence of d-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25) and dextroamphetamine (DA) on speech rhythms in patient monologues was investigated. Seven patients received LSD, DA and a placebo (P) over an average period of about one and one half years. A patient by drug analysis of variance was performed on mean pause time (MPT) and (MVT) of verbal behavior. Monologues were recorded: 1) just prior to drug ingestion; and 2) just prior to the test session (2.5hours later). Speakers differed significantly on both measures in the first monologues, prior to the drug effect. MPT was the more discriminating interindividual measure. MPT did not change in the first monologue but was signifgicantly different in the second monologue for all three durug comparisons. An increase of MPT without significant change in MVT indicated slowing of speech. Speech was slowed with LSD and increased with DA. 8 references. 1
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