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Ladefoged O. 
“The Effect of LSD, Psilocybin, Harmaline and Amphetamine on the body Temperature of Para-Chlorophenylalanine pretreated Rabbits”. 
Arch. Intern. Pharmacodyn.. 1974;208(2):251-54.
The effect of LSD, psilocybin,harmalir and amphetamine on body temperature in rabbits pre-treated with p-chlorophelal-anine (pCPA) was investigated. Methods Female Danish White Landrace rabbits (2-3 kg) were pre-treated with pCPA (Aldrich) 200 mg/kg s.c. 48 and 24 hr before LSD (Sandoz) 250 )lg/kg, amphetamine chloride 10 mg/kg, psilocybin (Sandoz) 10 mg/kg or harmaline (Sigma-Ghem) 30 mg/kg i.p. Rectal temperature was recorded, by probes inserted 3 cm into rectum, before and for 165 min following drug treatment, Results Pretreatment with pCPA alone did not change rectal temperature significantly, but it did strongly potentiate the hyperthermic effect of LSD and, to a much smaller extent, psilocybin. The hyperthermic effect of amphetamine and harmaline was significantly reduced in the pretreated animals. Conclusions Using previous results obtained in rats and the present results it is suggested that the psilocybin and LSD effect are mediated by CNS serotoninergic mechanisms the actions of the other compounds via dopaminergic mechanisms.
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