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Marczynski TJ. 
“Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25) mimicks the effect of diffuse light input on EEG correlates of conditioned operant behavior in cats”. 
Exp Neurol. 1972;34:255-263.
Cats deprived of food and trained to press a lever for a milk reward, displayed post reinforcement EEG synchronization (PRS) associated with epicortical steady potential shift, reward contingent positive variation (RCPV) over the striate and parastriate cortex. Both phenomena depend on the input of diffuse light, even in subjects trained to perform in darkness. LSD-25 (15-30micrograms/kg,im) restored the PRS -RCPV phenomena in total darkness. Pentobarbital (0.8-lmg/kg, im) was ineffective although it significantly enhanced the PRS -RCPV responses in the presence of light. Some animals were more sensitive than others to LSD-25, and after administration of 20-30micrograms/kg intramuscularly, showed dissociation between the EEG patterns and rewarded lever pressing performance, which was particularly striking in the presence of ambient light. 25 references.
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