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Papeschi R. 
“An Investigation on the Behavioral and Hypothermic Effects of Yohimbine: Interaction With Drugs Affecting Central and Peripheral Monoamines”. 
Arch Int Pharmacodyn. 1974;208:61-80.
The hypothermia and the behavioral changes induced by yohimbine in the rat revere investigated by studying the interaction of this alkaloid with various drugs which affect central and peripheral monoamines. The results indicated that hypothermia mainly stems from a peripheral blocking action of yohimbine on alpha adrenergic receptors, but a central component, through stimulation of serotonin receptors, may also exist. Although yohimbine seems to block noradrenaline functions also centrally, it is unlikely that this mechanism contributes to the hypothermia. The changes in body temperature induced by yohimbine and by the interacting drugs were not always correlated with those of motor activity. The implications of the present findings for the thermoregulatory function of central-and peripheral monoaminergic neurons are discussed. Yohimbine antagonized the aggressiveness and the increased locomotion induced by various drug treatments, such as pargyline + Ro4-4602 + L-DOPA, thus suggesting that this alkaloid blocks central noradrenaline mechanisms-too; on the other hand, only the stereotyped activity induced by (+)-amphetamine was reduced by yohimbine, whereas that following apomorphine or Ro-4602 + L-DOMCG was unaffected. This observation suggests that yohimbine may also disturb the-intraneuronal metabolism of brain dopamine, though being inactive on dopamine receptors.
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