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Robinson JT, Chitham RG, Greenwood RM, Taylor JW. 
“Chromosome Aberrations and LSD. A Controlled Study in 50 Psychiatric Patients”. 
Brit J Psychiat. 1974;125:238-244.
While the beneficial effect of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in the treatment of carefully selected patients as an adjunct to psychotherapy has been amply reported (Robinson. et al., 963), concern has been expressed regarding the damage to chromosomes in those were taking the drug. This paper presents the results of chromosome studies in 50 psychiatric patients treated at Roffey Park Hospital, Horsham, with LSD in varying doses and for different periods and in 50 controls matched as far as possible for age, sex and marital-status. Controls were all either members of the administration and nursing staff or students attending Roffey Park Hospital. A minor difficulty in matching for sex itself: patients were drawn from a wide geographical area and either could not be traced or felt unable to make the journey to Roffey Park Hospital where samples of blood were taken. This produced a difference in six ratio in that there were more males amongst the patients than amongst the controls.
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