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Schaffner R, Jalfre M, Haefely W. 
“Effects Of Different Pharmacological Agents On The Septo-hippocampal Evoked Potential (SHEP) In The Cat”. 
J Pharmacol. 1974;5(Suppl.2):89.
Changes in the peak to peak amplitude and the latency of the biphasic potetial evoked in the ventral hippocanps by electrical stimulation of the sedial septa in curarized cats ere studied after injection of cusulatise doses of different pharnacological agents. Cholinomimetics (arecoline, osotreaorine) and anticholinesterases (diisopropyl fluoro - phosphate, physostigmine) decreased the SHEP amplitude in a dose-dependent manner. No changes of the SHEP were noted after mecamylamine, nicotine and hysoscine. The effect of cholinomimetics and physostigmine was antagonized by atropine and hysocine. D - amphetamine, chlordiazepoxide, chlorpromazine, clozapine, imipramine, and hexobarbitone did not modify the SHEP. No alterations of the SHEP were observed after administration of apomorphine, haloperidol, clonidine, acetabutone, LSD, methiothepin (a central serotonin receptor blocking agent), (+)-bicuculline and aminooxyacetic acid (an agent which increases GABA level in te CNS). Thus the SHEP seems to be specifically altered by anticholinesterases and centrally acting muscarinic drugs.
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