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Stoff DM, Mandel IJ, Gorelick DA, Bridger WH. 
“Acute and Chronic Effects of LSD and 3,4-Dimethoxyphenylethylamine on Shuttlebox Escape / Avoidance in Rats”. 
Psychopharmacologia (Berl). 1974;36:301 - 312.
Three experiments were conducted in rata to study the effects of acute and chronic LSD and 3,4-dimethoxyphenylethylamine (DMPEA) on acquisition of shuttlebox escape/avoidance and of acute DMPEA on performance in the shuttle. box of pretrained poor performers. In Experiments 1 and 2, separate groups of male hooded rats were injected (i:p.) either once with LSD (0.1 or 0.6 mg/kg),DMPEA (25, 60, or 100 mg/kg) or saline or daily for 6 days with LSD (0.6 mg/kg), DMPEA (26 or 100 mg/kg) or saline before an initial acquisition test. The acute drug groups were retested 24 h later under saline. In Experiment 3, pretrained rats which had achieved a low, stable baseline rate of shuttlebox performance wore injected once with DMPEA (60 mg/kg) before a performance test and retested 24 h later under ' saline. It was found that all LSD treatments decrease escape/avoidance latencies (excitatory effect) on the acquisition test and saline retest, while all DMPEA treatment wore without effect.
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