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Wallach MB, Hine B, Gershon S. 
“Cross Tolerance Or Tachyphylaxis Among Various Psychotomimetic Agents On Cats”. 
Europ J Pharmacol. 1974;29:89-92.
DOM, 2,5imethoxy-methylamphetamine, a perception-distorting psychoton:imetic agent, has been demonstrated to elicit a marked behavioral syndrome in cats. This syndrome is antagonized by a pretreatment of DOM. This tachyphylaxis has been examined to determinle the ability of various other types of psycholorlllinetic agents to antagonize the DOM induced syndrome. Mescaline and d-LSD but not l-LSD could prevent the occurrence of the DOM-induced behavior. Ditran, tryptamine and d-amphetamine did not antagonize DOM. Thus it appears that the perception-distorting psychotomimetic agents exhibit either cross tachyphylaxis or cross tolerance and may share a common mechanism of action.
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