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Zolovick A, Labhsetwar AP. 
“Evidence for the Theory of Dual Hypothalamic Control of Ovulation.”. 
Nature. 1973;248:158-159.
The hypothalamic control of progesterone-induced ovulation was studied in rats. Methods Groups of 5-11 immature rats were given pregnant mare's serum gonadotrophin (PMSG) (Lquinex, Ayerst) 5 IU s.c., followed by progesterone (Sigma) 1.0 mg s.c. 24 hr later. Monoamines or their antagonists were microinjected into the third ventricle 1-2 hr before or after progesterone. The number of rats ovulating was - determined 48 hr after PMSG injection. Results Phenoxybenzamine 100 mcg blocked progesterone-induced - ovulation, whereas propranolol 100 jmcg did not. The blocking of ovulation by serotonin (5-HT) 100mcg was overcome by simultaneous injection of LSD 2 mcg or of dopamine 100 mcg. Conclusions The hypothalamic control of ovulation appears to be transmitted through stimulatory catecholaminergic and inhibitory 5-HT pathways, with the occurrence of ovulation being determined by a balance between these 2 systems.
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