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Boggan WO, Freedman D. 
“LSD tolerance and brain serotonin metabolism”. 
Fed Proc. 1973;32(3):694.
At the 57th annual meeting- of the Federation of American Societies for Experinental Biology, the effects on brain serotonin (5-HT.) metabolism of LSD-75 administered on tolerance Dosage schedules in rats were reported. Male Sprague Dawley rats were given either 7 injections of saline one/day for 7 days; 6 injections of saline and one.injection of LSD (L x 1); or 7 injections of LSD (L x 7). As compared with the L x 1 group, the L x 7 group manifested: 1)-a shift to the left in the time course of serotonin elevation; 2) a sig - nificant reduction in the amount of 5-hydroxyin-doleacetic acid depletion;- and 3) control levels of brain tryptophan at time points (45, 60 and 75 minutes) when the single dose of LSD caused sig-riificant elevation. Whether the changes observed in 5-= metabolism after one injection of LSD are a consequence of the reported decrease in synthesis of labeled-5 - HT from labeled tryptophan after LSD, diminished neuronal activity, or alters lion of uptake :processes is unknown. (Author abstract modified)
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