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Couch JR. 
“Blockade of Excitatory 5HT Synapse by LSD”. 
Pharmacologist. 1974;16:244.
Interaction of LSD and 5HT was studied in rats at a previously described serotoninergic synapse on pontine raphe neurons originating in the-nucleus paragigantocellularis lateralis (NPL). Multibarrel micropipettes using microlontophoretic techniques were used to apply 5HT -(0.05 M), LSD (3 x 10 4 M in saline), and dl-homocysteic acid (DLH) (0.25 M) to neurons in the pontine raphe while extracellular action potentials were recorded. Neurons were classified by response to NPL stimulation - driven (D) cells, inhibited (I) cells, of nonresponsive (NR) cells. Of 33 cells identified, all responsed to 5HT with exudation. Responses to LSD were negligible. In 10 neurons, iontophoreticÓlly applied LSD simul'aneously blocked or partially blocked excitation by iontophoresed 5HT and by NPL stimulation. Intravenous LSD blocked or partially blocked iontophoresed 5HT and synaptic stimulation in 5/6 additional cells DLH was iontophoresed and the cells were still excitable while under LSD block. LSD blocked synaptic and iontophoretic responses in only 1/5 I cells. For all cells tested for 5HT-LSD interactions, LSD blocked 5HT excitation in 19/20, but blocked 5HT inhibition in only 5/15. LSD appears to block preferentially 5HT excitatory synapses.
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