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Domino EF, Bartolini A. 
“Effects of various psychotomimetic agents on the EEG and acetylcholine release from the cerebral cortex of brainstem transected cats”. 
Neuropharmacoloy. 1972;11:703-713.
The effects of the i.v. administration of delta9 - tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), phencyclidine, the pyrrolidyl and piperidyl isomers of Ditran, and LSD-25 on the spontaneous neocortical EEG and the release of acetylcholine (ACh) from the soma - torsensory cortex 'was studied in 18 brainstem - transected cats. In- doses of 0.5mg/kg or greater, THC produced close 'related neocortical high volt - age EEG slow waves and a reduction in arterial blood pressure and heart ' rate.- In doses of 0.5mg/kg, THC produced either no effect or a slight increase in the release of ACh from the cor - tex; larger doses caused a progressive decrease in ACh release. The effects of THC on the EEG' and the release of ACh were antagonized by (plus) - amphetamine. Phencyclidine in doses of 1mg/kg i.v.' caused marked EEG changes and a slight in - crease in the release of ACh; in doses of 5mg/kg, ' it caused pronounced EEG changes but did not significantly depress ACh release. Pentobarbital (20mg/kg) dramatically reduced ACh release. Both isomers of Ditran - (1mg/kg) slowed the EEG and dramatically ' increased the release of cortical ACh. LSD-25 usually caused EEG high voltage, slow waves, and a decrease in arterial blood pressure. Its effects on ACh release were only -moderate and depended upon basal release levels. It is concluded that various hallucinogens 'dif - ferentially affect the neocortical release of ACh in pretrigeminai rnidpontine transected cats. Gross EEG neocortical changes were not directly corre - lated with the cortical release of Ach per se. 25 references. (Author abstract modified)
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