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Dunn WJ, Bederka JP. 
“The role of hydrophobicity in the antiserotonin activity of LSD analogs.”. 
Res Communicat Chem Path & Pharmacol. 1974;7(2):275-285.
Published data on the anti-5HT activities of a series of LSD analogs are analyzed. An' attempt is made to determine parameters common to the hal - lucinogenic potencies of LSD analogs and their antiserotonin Activities. Analysis is done within the framework of the Hansch model for.quantita - live structure activity relationships using the 1-oc - tanol/water partition coefficient'-as a-model for' lipophilicity- and' other linear free energy based parameters as variables in the correlations. Results indicate that the. hydrophobicity of the: amide substituents,.when this is the variable por - tion-.of the molecule, is important in determining the anti-5HT potency.' .A relationship .between physiochemical properties and. activity could not be found in analyzing the limited. data on hallucinogenecity in man.
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