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Edson PH. 
“Chemical Correlates of Tonic Immobility in Chickens.”. 
Dissertation Abstr. Intern. B. 1974;34:5708.
Chemical correlates of tonic immobility in chickens are reported. 3 Agents known to have central serotonergic action were found to modify the duration of tonic immobility in chickens: LSD-25 and BOL-148 increased while imipramine attenuated duration of the response. The inactive isomer, l-LSD had no effect. Parachloro-phenylalanine (a brain 5-HT depletor) and atropine (an anticholin - ergic agent) and reserpine and chlorpromazine (agents with various central-effects including changes in brain 5-HT, norepine-phrine and dopamine) had no influence on duration of immobility. Conclusions - Tonic ignobility in chickens is probably mediated by biochem - ical processes involving at least 2 neurochemical transmitters, 1 of which may well be 5-HT.
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