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Fedynakyj NM. 
“Cytotoxic Effects Induced by Various Agents in Rat Thymus Lymphocytes.”. 
Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 1973;25(3):482-83.
The thymus gland is necessary for the development and control of the immune response. However, it has been proposed that thymus cells do not form antibodies in situ as there is no entry of systemically administered antigens into the thymus. Rats were given i.p. doses of various combinations of Freundıs adjuvant, guinea pig spinal cord, and B.pertussis vaccine; in some instances followed by reserpine (100 mcg/kg) or LSD (50 mcg/kg). Histological studies were performed at 1, 3, 7, 10 or 14 days. DNA synthesis was determined by incorporation of (MH) thymidine given 1 hr before sacrifice. A great effect was seen only with spinal cord plus B. pertussis vaccine. The large lymphocytes -were increased in number; this effect being enhanced by both reserpine and LSD. DNA synthesis was also potentiated under these conditions. The small lymphocytes became hyperchromatic and enlarged 3 days after antigen administration, and pyanotic in 7 days, an effect enhanced by reserpine and LSD. Complete re - generiation occurred by 14 days. This suggests that some antigens can penetrate thymic tissue, producing differential lymphocytosis -and lymphocytolysis, actions probably involved in the immunological response.
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