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Green DE, Hertel RH. 
“Rapid, Automated Analysis of Drugs by Direct, Multiple-Ion Detection”. 
Abstr Papers, Am Chem Soc. 1973;166(Meet Anal):59.
A versatile combination of a unique inlet system, a quadrupole mass analyzer, and a specifically designed, dedicated mini-computer has been developed which performs very rapid analyses of drugs by multiple-ion detection without the use of a gas chromatograph as an inlet device. The significant differences between the operation of this system and the conventional mass in fragmentography mode of GC/MS is described. Identification of drugs at nanogram levels is achieved in a few seconds by the utilization of algorithms which compare a many-ion, "contracted" spectrum of the sample with a reference library of "contracted" spectra. At present, up to 16 different drugs and/or their It metabolites can be analyzed simultaneously in complex mixtures, in many cases with minimal preliminary sample preparation. The algorithms also provide a quantitative indication of the goodness of fit (confidence index) between the experimental and reference spectra. Completely automated detection and quantitation of amphetamines, barbiturates, and other abused drugs (such as cocaine, heroin, and LSD) in street samples, pharmaceutical dosage forms, or urine extracts by this novel instrýment system is discussed.
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