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Harding T. 
“The Effect of Lysergic Acid Di-Ethylamide on Serum Creatine Kinase Levels.”. 
Psychopharmacologia (Berl). 1974;40(2):177-184.
The effect of LSD on serum creatinine kinase (CK) levels was studied. Methods Venous blood was taken from 5 cases (male, 15-24 yr) admitted within 24 hr of taking LSD. In addition 2 patients were given LSD 0.05 mg p.o.,and venous blood samples were taken at intervals upto 75 hr. Serum CK was determined by a known method. Results Case 1 was suffering from psychosis induced by LSD. Serum CK was 760 IU/1 on admission and decreased steadily to ~100 IU/l after 20 days. He was treated with chlorpromazine. Case 2 had taken '3 LSD tablets' and was disturbed and paranoid on admission. He was treated faith chlorpromazine i m' followed by p.o. thioridazine over 36 hr. However deep depression developed and on phenothiazine withdrawal he improved. Serum OK on admission was 350 IU/l Which decreased to 100 IU/1 by 20 days when recovering from depression. Case 3,suffering from acute psychosis due to LSD, had serum CK activity of 171 IU/I rising to 210 IU/1 2 days later. p.o. Chlorpromazine was given and symptoms subsided, also 1 wk later CK activity was 76 IU/1. 2 Other cases, having taken normal LSD doses, suffered moderate to mild non psychotic symptoms. Serum CK activities revere 120 IU/l and 85 IU/1. In both patients (1 psychoneurotic, 1 schizoid) given LSD, mild symptoms were seen and serum CK did not rise above 100 IU/l (by 20-30 fur). In 1 case the abreaction was terminated by amylobarbitone i.m. In psychotic cases mean basal CK was > than in non psychotic patients and the post LSD level was similarly greater.
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