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Hitner HW. 
“The Effects of Phencyclidine on the Peripheral Nervous System.”. 
Dissertation Abstr Intern B. 1975;35(4):1829.
The site. and mechanism of action of phencyclidine (PCP) on the peripheral nervous system was studied to elucidate a mechanism of action related to its psychotomimetic effects. In vitro on the isolated guinea pig vas deferens, PCP ( 5 x 1 O s M) significantly potentiated norepinephrine (NE) ED30 induced.contractions by 338 + 65% (p< 0.005) while completely blocking ACh(ED30) induced contractions. Mescaline (5 x 10-3M) and LSD-25 (3 x 10-7M) also potentiated NE (ED30) induced contractions (p< O.Ol). Mescaline partially blocked ACh (E:D30) induced contractions (p Cal 0.05) while LSD potentiated ACh (ED30) induced contractions (pat 0.05). In viva,

on the eat nictitating membrane PCP potentiated both epinephrine. (EPI) (p< 0.005) and electrically induced contractions (p <.0.20) which were not blocked by hexamethonium. After denervation the potentiation of EPI induced PCP were significantly decreased (p.< 0.001). In the frog sciatic-gastrocnemius preparat-ion, PCP 10 mg/ml increased the amplitude of muscle contractions .by 36 + 12 0n nerves which were submaximally stimulated. In nerves which were stimulated supramaxýmally, PCP 10 mg/ml significantly reduced (p < 0.05) the time necessary for muscle Contractions to respond to stimulation after inhibition of nerve conduction by lidocaine 10 mg/ml when compared to nerves treated only. with lidocaine. Pretreatment with PCP before lidocaine, more than doubled the time necessary for lidocaine to inhibit muscle contractions compared to nerves treated only with lidocaine. PCP 103 M.facilitated nerve conduction by increasing the amplitude of the action potentials. At 1 o2 M, PCP produced significant local anesthetic activity (p < 0.05) compared to untreated nerves. The local anesthetic effects were increased by hypocalcemia and anta-gonized by hypernatremia. In the CNS, the effect of PCP to increase adrenergic activity, facilitate nerve transmission or produce local anesthetic effects would be a significant factor in the development of-psychotomimetic effects.

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