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Hollunger G, Persson SÅ. 
“The Effect of LSD and 2-Bromo LSD on the Dopa Accumulation after Central and Peripheral Decarboxylase Inhibition”. 
Eur.J.Pharmacol,. 1975;31(1):156-158.
The affect of d-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD, Sandoz) and 2-bromo-lysergic acid diethylamide (BOL, Sandoz) on DOPA accumulation in rat brain after central and peripheral decarboxylase inhibition was studied. Method Male rats (200-299 g) were given 3-hydroxybenzyl hydrazine HC1 (NSD 1-015, 100 mg/kg i.p.) 10 win after i.p. administration of the following drugs: LSD 2 mg/kg; BOL 2 mg/kg; phentolamine (CIBA-Geigy, 10 mg/kg); propranolol.HC1 (ICI, 10 mg/kg); apo-morphine.HCl (Sandoz, 5 mg/kg); haloperidol (Leo, 5 mg/kg); apomorphine (5 mg/kg) + LSD (2 mg/kg); apomorphine (5 mg/kg) + BOL (2 mg/kg); haloperidol (5 mg/kg) + LSD (2 mg/kg) or haloperidot (5 mg/kg) + BOL (2 mg/kg). DOPA accumulation was measured in homogenate of rat brain, 20 min after NSD 1015 administration. Following administration of LSD, there was a dose-dependent increase in DOPA accumulation in brain (DOPA levels were 305+12 ng/g brain in rats given 2 mg/kg compared to 163+/- 9 in controls5. - BOL was found to be as potent as LSD in this respect. -The effect ; at the highest doses given was not maximal. The rate of DOPA accumulation was increased by haloperidol (to 315+/-15 ng/g) and decreased by apomorphine (to 88+/-13 ng/g). LSD with the maximal dose of haloperidol increased DOPA accumulation by a further 70% (to 510+/-37 ng/g). BOL did not-significantly change the haloperidol-induced increase. When rats were pretreated with apomorphine, LSD partly reversed the apomorphine effect (DOPA levels were 212+/-48 ng/g), although BOL had no significant effect. Phentolamine and propranolol did not significantly change DOPA -accumulation.
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