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Itil TM, Saletu B, Akpinar S. 
“Classification of Psychotropic Drugs Based on Digital Computer Sleep Prints”. 
Mod.Probl.Pharmacopsychiat.. 1974;8:193-215.
Previous investigations have shown that psychotropic drugs can be classified based on qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the awake spontaneous brain function and evoked brain activity [4, 15, 16, 25, 27, 61, 62, 64]. The fact that bioelectrical classification turned.out to be very similar to clinical classification can be explained inasmuch as-drug-induced alterations in behavior arc the result of.drug - induced.chemical changes in the brain. Although the sleep EEG could be used as Another tool in the armamentarium of psychopharmacology to objectively determine -the mode. of action of psychotropic agents, and despite the fact that many-drugs are increasingly taken at bedtime, the practical application of this technique in psychopharmacology remains scarce. This is largely due to the great amount of time involved in the visual evaluation of an.all-night sleep record. However, the utilization of.a computerized graphic display. of the all-night sleep profile in the form of a digital computer 'sleep'print? [31,32] has greatly alleviated this problem. 'Using this method,'we liave'systematically studied the effects. of a series of minor and major tranquilizers on the all-night sleep process. This chapter attempts to present a survey of this work and to deal with the question of whether or not it is possible to classify psychotropic agents based on quantitative sleep parameters.
Notes # : Psychotropic Drugs and the Human EEG. Quantitative Sleep-EEG Findings.
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