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Johnson BD. 
“Understanding British-addiction statistics”. 
Bulletin on Narcotics. 1975;27(1):49-66.
In the continuing debate over drug policy, the major alternative to America's heroin prohibition has been the British model of medical control. The British experience is impressive in part because.of the quality of statistics issued by the British Home Office and the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS); Yearly statistics issued by these agencies showed a threatening rise in heroin addiction from 1962 to 1968, provided the basis for a change in law and social policy toward heroin and cocaine, and documented the declining legal.prescription-of these drugs-since 1968.

: Publications presenting detailed statistical information about British opiate policy are not easily available. Yet procedures for counting addicts, data on the number of addicts, kinds of opiates prescribed, age of-addicts, and number of opiate-convictions are relevant toward an understanding of Bridsh and perhaps.American drug policy. Therefore, this article will present detailed British drug statistics available as of 30 November 1973, 1 to a wide audience of professional readers. It will also describe changes in British opiate use and policy during the past 25 years and illustrate some areas of controversy about this policy

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