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Marquis WJ, Tilson HA, Rech RH. 
“Effects of amphetamine(A), LSD, psilocybin (P), and DOM on schedule-controlled behavior in the rat.”. 
Federation Proceedings.. 1973;32(3):818.
At the 57th annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experunental Biology, the effects of amphetamine (A), LSD, psilocybin (P), and DOM on schedule controlled behavior in the rat were reported. A produced a dose dependent increase in DRL responding with an associated loss of reinforcers and shortening of IRTs. DOM produced an amphetarrune like effect on DRL responding, whereas P :and LSD produced no con-sistent behavioral Effects. Higher doses of P, DOM, and LSD tended to decrease DRL responding. In the Sidman avoidance' (SA) schedule,. A and most doses of DOM increased responding with an associated loss of shocks and a shortening of IRTs. Low to moderate doses of P and LSD. tended to decrease the number of shocks received without increasing the rate of SA responding. Higher doses of P and LSD tended to decrease SA responding, while increasing IRTs and- the number.of shocks. These data suggest that, within the dose range investigated, psychotomimetic drugs with an indolealkylamine structure differ in their.mechanism of action from DOM. (Author abstract modified)
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