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Oliveras JL, Besson JM, Guilbaud G, Liebeskind JC. 
“Analgesia Induced by Electrical Stimulation of the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus (DRN) in the Cat”. 
J. Pharmacol.. 1974;5(Suppl. 2):73.
In Chronically implanted; cats electrical stimulation in the vicinity of DRN induced a powerful analgesia to peripherally applied noxious stimuli. During stimulation in most animals analgesia was not accompanied by other obvious behavioral deficits. In.acute experiments stimulation of the same area and of adjacent structures strongly inhibited the responses of lamina -V cells of the spinal cord dorsal.horn to peripheral noxious stimulations. But only the inhibitory effects obtained by DRN stimulations were depressed by LSD which is known to suppress the spontaneous activity of DRNcells. As lamina V cells are implicated in the transmission of painful massages the results suggest that the analgesia could be in part explained by descending inhibitory effects which seem to be dependent on Serotoninergic mechanisms.
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