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Roizin L, Schneider J, Willson N, Liu JC, Mullen C. 
“Effects of prolonged LSD-25 administration upon neurons of spinal cord ganglia tissue cultures”. 
J. Neuropath. exp. Neurol.. 1974;33:212-225.
The effects of LSD-25 on spinal cord tissue is discussed. Rat spinal cord ganglia cultures were maintained for periods of up to 19 days in a feeding solution containing LSD 25 in a concentration of 5 micromoles. Electron microscopic examina-tion of the nerve cells in these cultures revealed alterations in the Golgi complexes, lysosomes, mitochondria and multivesicular bodies. The changes in the membranous components of these structures were particularly prominent and resulted in organelle pleomorphism and very unusual internal membrane patterns. Variations were also noted in the fine structure of the nucleoli of some neurons. The possible relationships of the morphologic changes to disturbances of neuronal metabolism are considered. 40 references.
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