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Schnoll SH, Vogel WH, Odstrchel G. 
“The specificity of anti-mescaline antibody produced in rabbits”. 
Fed. Proc.. 1974;32(3):719.
At the 57th annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, the specificity of antimescaline antibody produced in rabbits was reported. The specificity of the antibody was determined by a radioimrnunoassay. which employed. possible cross reacting compounds. Cross reactivity was present with a methoxy group in -the mete position and increased with additional.methoxy groups on the aromatic ring. However,: there was no cross reactivity when the ring was saturated with methoxy groups. Modification of the free amino group with a methyl or acetyl group gave increased cross reac-tivity. Using various catecholamines, serotonin, LSD, tryptamine, DMT and DET, a large molar excess was required to inhibit the mescaline an-timescaline reaction. The antimescaline antibody offers a possible sensitive technique for the direct measurement of mescaline in body tissues and fluids.
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