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Smith RC, Boggan WO, Freedman DX. 
“Effects of Single and Multiple Dose LSD on Endogenous Levels of Brain Tyrosine and Catecholamines”. 
Psychopharmacologia. 1975;42:271 - 276.
The effects on brain catecholamines of seven daily doses of d-LSD 520 mcg/kg injected i.p. to Sprague-Dawley rats on a tolerance dosage schedule (Lx7) were compared with the effects of a single dose of LSD (L x 1) 520 mcg/kg or 1040 mcg/kg, over a 90 min time course. Compared to saline controls, after a single dose of 520 mcg/kg LSD, there was a significant decrease in brain norepinephrine at 30 and 60 min. a rise in dopamine at 60 min. and a small rise in brain tyrosine at early time points followed by significant decline from con trol levels after 60 mins. The effects of a single dose of 1040 mcg/kg LSD were similar to the 520 mcg/kg dose but were greater in both magnitude and duration of the brain catecholamine changes. After a tolerance dosage schedule there were significant changes inthe response of brain catehcolamines to 520 mcg/kg LSD. The rise in brain dopamine at 60 min was abolished, brian tyrosine was uniformly below both saline and L x 1 animals, and brain norepinephrine returned to control levels sllightly faster.
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