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Soskin RA. 
“Short term psychotherapy with LSD: a case-study”. 
Journal of Religion and Health. 1973;12(1):41-62.
A case. history is presented to demonstrate the usefulness of short term psychotherapy with LSD tin certain cases of emotional; disorders, particularly depression.. The outcome with a 48-year-old hospitalizèd patient resulted in feelings of increased optimism and confidence, as well as in the development of a new self-concept. The changes were particuarly impressive since the patient had received pschoanalytically oriented therapy many years prior to hospitalization without making appreciable improvement. The main impact of the psychedelic experience is temporarily to suspend those psychological processes that provide structure and constancy to the in-dividual's. perception of self - image, environment, beliefs, and values in' the normal state of consciousness. It.enabled the patient to transcend the network of learned social judgments that had previously constituted his sense of individuality and allowed him to find his true self. Such Therapy is likely to have the greatest applicability in intensifying and hastening the therapeutic process with patients who possess the most ego resources, and the many reported failures may be due to its use solely in patient groups that are characteristically minimally responsive to other forms. of treatment, such as alcoholics and patients :with deep seated. characterological problems.
Notes # : (Nur Abstract aus: Psychopharmacology Abstracts vol. 12, no. 2., p. 266 (1974) vorhanden)
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