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Sram RJ, Goetz P, Zudova Z. 
“Genetic effects of LSD”. 
Cs. Psychiat.. 1973;6p(2):80-87.
Mutation producing effects of LSD on Drosephila melanogaster, rat and mice were tested and evaluated. LSD was found to induce dominant lethal mutations in male mice if they were given 10-5000 micrograms of LSD/kg,. and in female mice if they were given lOOO micrograms of LSD/kg. An interval of 3 months between LSD

use and conception was recommended on complex estimation of possible ill effects on descendants so that the risk of transfer of serious damage to genetic material would be decreased. The use of LSD in pedopsychiatry and on healthy volunteers is regarded as questionnable, but further use of LSD in specific psychiatric indications is not considered objectionable.

Notes # : (Nur Abstract aus: Psychopharmacology Abstracts Vol. 12, No. 2, pp. 234-235 (1974) vorhanden)
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