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Stone TW. 
“The changes in basal corticosterone secretion in rats blinded at birth”. 
Experientia. 1974;30(7):827-829.
Structure/activity relationships between ergot alkaloids, dopamine and phenothiazines are discussed. Ergot alkaloids and phenothiazines both interact with dopamine receptors. Phenothiazines block some actions of ergot - alkaloids such as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Structural models show that the phenothiazine nucleus has a marked resemblance to part of the LSD molecule. In addition, potencies of LSD and certain phenothiazine(fluphenazine, perphenazine, trifluoperazine) depend on the terminal diethylamide-like structure. The 3-dimensional structure required for chlorpromazine to match the configuration of LSD has been shown to exist by X-ray analytical studies of other workers. A configuration for dopamine can be superimposed on the chlorpromazine (and hence LSD) structure. Thus a psychomimetic (LSD), an antipsychotic (chlorpromazine) and a putative central ' neurotransmitter (dopamine)- share common structural features - and may interact at some common receptor site. This structure/activity analysis, is extended to propose new molecules based on the phenothiazine nucleus -and to speculate,on possible antipsychotic and LSD-antagonistic activities of such molecules.
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