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Torre M, Torre E, Bogetto F. 
“Somministrazione di Etanolo a Varie Dosi: Livelli di Serotoni na Cerebrale net Ratto. Somministrazione Contemporanea di LSD-25 e Uml: Livelli di se Rotonina Cerebrate e Comportamento Condizionato nel Ratto”. 
Boll.Soc.Ital.Biol.Sper.. 1974;50(20):1639-1646.
The effects of various doses of ethanol on cerebral serotonin levels, and the effects of LSD - 25 and 1-methyllysergic-acid, butanolamide (UML) on cerebral serotonin levels and on conditioned behavior were investigated in rats. The studies on the effects of ethanol were carried out with 3 groups of 8 Wistar rats. The fasted rats in the first group were given ethanol in doses of 1 g/kg at a dilution of 50 0n distilled water by stomach tube; the 2nd group received 4 g/kg ethanol. and the control group received distilled water alone. Brain samples were taken 45 min later. In the and study, the first group of rats were given 0.5 mg/kg LSD-25, and 3 mg/kg UML. i.p., whilst the control group received distilled water. The animals were killed 10 min after treatment. Ethanol treatment had no significant effect on cerebral serotonin levels, but affected behavior. In the 2nd study, LSD alone or with UML had no significant effect on serotonin levels, whilst LSD-25 alone gave a significant deterioration in conditioned behavior, and LSD-25 + UMI. had no effect.
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