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Torre M, Fagiani MB, Torre C. 
“Riflesso Condizionato di Fuga Nel Ratto: Assuefazione Crociata Tra LSD-25 e UML”. 
Boll.Soc.Ital.Biol.Sper.. 1974;50(20):1647-1649.
The effects of LSD-25 and i-methyl-lysergic acid butanolamide (UML) on the conditioned escape response were investigated in the rat. Methods Previously described methods of conditioning and of drug administration were used. Dosages were 0.5 mg/kg LSD-25 and 3 mg/kg UML. UML was given on 3 consecutive days followed by a single dose of LSD-25 on the 4th day. Results UML, even in high dosages, did not influence the conditioned escape behavior in the rat. UML induced cross tolerance to LSD-25, as shown by the fact that the latter, when given on the 4th day of the experiment, produced no deteriorationin conditioned response such as is found when LSD-25 is given alone. The results support the hypothesis that the 2 drugs exert their effects on the same receptors or biochemical system.
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