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Touyaa HJ. 
“Resultados de nuestro trabajo clinico”. 
Psicoterapia con alucinogenos. 1965;p193-216.
Statistics on the results of psychotherapeutic treatment with LSD25, Cy39 and mescaline are given.'The statistics are subject to certain variables such as the absence of a control group, undergoing a similar therapy without the use of the hallucinogens. A classification system based on the American Psychiatric Association's classification system is used to categorize the patients according to disorders The most positive results were obtained with the group of addicts, while the least positive were obtained with the schizophrenic group. Statistic results of psychotherapy with the aid of hallucinogens done by other authors are also included.
Notes # : Editorial Losada SA (Nur Abstract aus: Psychopharmacology Abstracts vol. 12, no. 2., p. 266 (1974) vorhanden)
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