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Urich R W. 
“Ultraviolet and Mass-Spectral Confirmation of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide in Forensic Samples”. 
Am.J.Clin.Pathol.. 1975;63(5):768.
The presence of LSD in forensic samples, including illicit preparations and gastric contents has been conflrmod by UV spectral and electron impact mass spectrometie analyses. The LSD was isolated as the amine acid sulfate salt after acid-base partitioning with 1,2-diehloroethane as organic phase. Recoveries > 90% and removal of highly colored excipients exhibiting W spectral interferences are observed. The W spectra of aqueous acidic extracts and of acidic extracts subjected to long-wave irradiation showed a broad absorption rnaxim-um at 313 nm. for the parent ergot alkaloid, with a shift to 294 nm for the irradiated product, attributed to a photochemically induced acid catalyzed hydration reaction of the C9,10 double bond. The mass spectrum of recovered LSD showed both the molecular ion and base peak at m/e = 323 with principal fragments at m/e 223, 222, and 221 arising from loss of the amide side chain and hydrogen atoms, respectively. The mass spectrum of the recovered irradiated product had a molecular ion at m/e = 341, the addition of water (M.W. = 18) to LSD (M.W. = 323) giving rise to this peak.
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