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Voss EW, Cobb NC. 
“Enzyme Capable of Modifying d-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) in Rabbit Lymphoid Cells and Murine MOPC 315 Myeloma Cells”. 
Biochem.Biophys.Res.commun.. 1974;61(4):1154-60.
An enzyme capable of modifying LSD was identified in rabbit lymphoid cells and mouse MOPC 315 myeloma cells. Cell-free homogenates were prepared from antibody-producing - rabbit spleen and lymph node cells and from MOPC 315 tumor cells grown in BALB/c mice, and incubated with LSD-2-3H for 4-5 hr: the products were extracted in chloroform and separated by TLC. Lymphoid cell lysates from rabbits (including nonspecifically purified lymphocytes) catalysed the production of a hydrophilic product from 3H-LSD, and also incorporated LSD into low molecular weight peptides. MOPC 315 cells produced a similar hydrophilic product: the labeled metabolite was bound by anti-LSD antibody suggesting conservation of the 4-ring structure and staining with Ehrlich's reagent indicated absence of a 2'-substituent in ring B. The metabolite could replace tryptophan in a cell free protein synthesis system and may therefore be 'LSD-DER', a postulated LSD precursor. The enzyme was of high molecular weight and present in both the microsomes and cytosol; NAD, nicotinamide, oxygen and magnesium were required for activity
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