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Voss EW. 
“Immunochemistry of tryptophan related drugs ”. 
Final Report: NIMH Grant MH-20302. 1972.
LSD was administered to rabbits and mice in order to elicit anti-LSD antibodies, which were then characterized as to specificity and potency. Attempts were made to neutralize the biological activity of LSD and the FARR test was modified into a sensitive immunochemical assay which could detect the presence of LSD. A new methodology is described for the development of monospecific anti-LSD antibodies for a sensitive and widely applicable fluorometric assay and means to study drug metabolic byproducts. - Hallucinogenic effects were measured by means of depth perception, rearing, and poke tests.
Notes # : (Nur Abstract aus: Psychopharmacology Abstacts Vol. 11, No. 3, p. 543 (1974) vorhanden)
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