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Wingeleth DC, Makowski A, Teitelbaum DT. 
“Practical Experience with a Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) Radioimmunoassay Procedure”. 
Clin.Chem.. 1974;20(7):870.
A report is given on the procedure for determination of LSD in a 24 hr emergency: toxicology laboratory. The basic method of the reagent supplier was used with modifications to enable the assay of a single sample at any time, permitting a standard curve to be run with each unknown. A standard curve was necessary due to the large variability encountered in a single sample analysis end due to the decay of 125-I labeled LSD. A liquid scintillation counter was used to count 125-I labeled species in a four minute counting period. Both blood and urine were routinely analyzed,between 20% and 300f the samples containing LSD at the detection limit.of 0.5 pmol/ml-or higher. Clinical observations conform with these findings.
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