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Zhabin YM, Urazaeva ZV. 
“Influence of Intravenous Administration to Pregnant Rabbits of the Diethylamide of Lysergic Acid on the Content of Serotonin, Histamine and Acetyl Choline in Mothers and Young”. 
Farmakol.i Toksikol.. 1975;38(1):93-95.
Experiments on 43 pregnant rabbits to determine the effect of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) are reported. Rabbits were under Nembutal narcosis. Content of serotonin, histamine and AGh, and also cholinesterase activity were determined in the peripheral blood of the mother, blood from the womb, blood from the fetus, fetal fluid, and maternal and fetal placenta. Material for analysis was taken before and 1 hr after a single i.v, injection of 50-100 mcg/kg of LSD. I.v. injection of a dose of 50 mcg/kg LSD led to a fall in serotonin 'in arterial and venous blood of the mother and in blood flowing from the uterus. In maternal placenta, serotonin content fell from 5.37 +/- 1.21 to 2.57 +/- 0.61 mcg/g. This fall was also found in the fetus, fetal fluid and fetal placenta. 100 mcg/kg of LSD led to a more permanent fall in serotonin content of blood 24 hr after injection. I.v administration of the higher dose also led to a fall in histamine content in all investigated areas, but the content of ACh rose in blood from mother and fetus and remained unchanged in fetal fluid and placentas. No changes in cholinesterase activity were observed as a result of injection of LSD.
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