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Abdel AA, Bakry N. 
“Effect of Choroquine Phosphate on the Isolated Non-Pregnant and Pregnant Uterus of Different Species”. 
Acta Physiol.Acad.Sci.Hung.. 1974;45(1-2):115-121.
The effects of chloroquine on the isolated non-pregnant and pregnant uterus were studied in rats, rabbits and guinea pigs. -Methods Pregnant or non-pregnant uteri were removed from rats (180-200 g), rabbits (1.75-2.0 kg) and guinea pigs (350-450 g). Some animals received estradiol (2.5 mg/kg s.c.) and the uterus was removed 48 be later. All uteri were suspended in Ringer-Locke (RL) or de Jalon (J) solution and contractions recorded. Results - Chloroquine (20-500 mcg/ml) produced an increase in tonus and frequency of spontaneous contraction in RL incubated non - pregnant rat uterus and in both pregnant and non-pregnant uteri from the other 2 species, incubated in J or PL. Chloroquine inhibited the pregnant horn of a unilaterally pregnant rat uterus as well as its contralateral non-pregnant horn, an action which persisted in the post-partum rat uterus during days 1-2 after parturition, but which became stimulatory from days 3-6. Its inhibitory action was not blocked by propranolol (1 x 10-6) and its stimulatory auction was not affected by atropine (1 x 10-7), lysergide (1 x 10 ) or phenoxybenzamine (1 x 10-6) Rabbit and guinea pig uteri were similarly affected. In all J incubated rat uteri chloroquine consistently decreased the tone of uterine muscle and was antagonized by oxytocin and acetylcholine It was ineffective in all tissues in calcium-free media or in the presence of 2,4-dinitrophenol (1 x 10 4 M) or tetracaine (50-200mcg/ml).
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