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Adams WB, Drummond AH, Levitan IB. 
“Dopamine currents in cell R15 of Aplysia”. 
Experientia. 1978;34(7):921.
Aplysia californica abdominal ganglia were isolated, bathed in culture medium and desheathed. Cell R15 was penetrated with 2 electrodes for voltage clamping. Dopamine and dopamine antagon-ists were perfused over the preparation. Hyperpolarizing currents elicited by step increases in dopamine concentration reached their final levels in 10-20 min. Complete washout required 20-40 min Dopamine currents were elicited by concentrations as small as 10 6M; saturating currents required concentrations in excess of : 10 4M. Hyperpolarizing synaptic currents elicited by stimulation of the bronchial nerve were depressed by bath application of dopamine in proportion to the current elicited directly by dopa - mine. Both the dopamine current and the synaptic current were inhibited stereospecifically by LSD in concentrations of 10-6M or less. Dopamine is an agonist at postsynaptic receptors and possibly at nonsynaptic receptors that have characteristics similar to the synaptic receptors.
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