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Arefolov VA, Pidevich IN, Panasyuk LV, Firsov VK. 
“Pharmacological Analysis of Some Adrenomimetic Effects of Serotonin”. 
Byul.éksp.Biol.Med.. 1975;80(11):45-48.
The mechanism of spasmogenic effect of serotonin was studied in rat vas deferens. Methods Vas deferens was isolated from decapitated rats and equilibrated with aerated Krebs solution, the reaction to serotonin and norad-renaline was determined. Then the organ was washed out and the effects of serotonin antagonists (LSD-25, typindole, indocarb) imipramine, bretylium and droperidol were investigated. Results Contraction of isolated vas deferens from rats was caused by noradrenaline at 0.5 - I x 1 0-óM, and by serotonin at 1 - 2 x 1 0-4M. Contraction occurred after 1 - 2 sec with noradrenaline and after 2 - 3 min with serotonin. LSD-25 at 1 x 10-qM strengthened the reaction of vas deferens to serotonin, when it would normally be expected to block it. Analogous results occurred with noradrenaline. Indocarb and typindole in concentrations normally expected to block the effects of serotonin did not diminish the reaction of vas deferens to serotonin. The results indicate that antagonists of serotonin do not influence the onset of contraction of vas deferens. Droperidol (1 x 10-7M) inhibited the reaction of vas deferens to serotonin and noradrenaline, indicating participation of a-adrenoreactive structures in the onset of this reaction Bretylium (1 x 10-4M) did not alter the reaction of the vas deferens to noradrenaline but totally inhibited contraction produced by serotonin. Imipramine (3.2 x 10-7M) reduced serotonin induced contraction of the vas deferens by 66%, while the reaction to noradrenaline increased by 50%. The inhibition of the reaction to serotonin is connected with the capacity of imipramine to prevent penetration of serotonin into the nerve wave.
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