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Bron B, Fröscher W, Gehlen W. 
“Differentialdiagnostische und syndromgenetische Probleme und Aspekte drogeninduzierter Psychosen bei Jugendlichen”. 
Fortschr. Neurol. Psychiat.. 1976;44:673-682.
Differential Diagnosis and Syndrome-genetic Problems and Aspects of Drug-induced Psychoses in Juveniles Acute and chronic psychotic states in juvenile drug addicts demand caretul observation of syndrome-genetic and differential diagnostic factors. Not only the diagnosis of a schizophrenic or affective juvenile psychosis and their differentiation from phase-specific developmental crises may often be difficult. A further problematic field are special aspects of symptomatic psychoses and particularly states due to drug addiction with hashish, LSD and amphetamines and the effect of drugs on a;ready existing endogenous psychoses. This demands subtile phenomenologic description and syndrome-genetic assessment. One will have to take into account the complexity of drug effects and whether a psychosis existed already before addiction, whether drugs have provoked a latent psychosis, whether a purely symptomatic psychosis mimics a schizophrenia or whether irreversible personality changes with secondary psychotic behavior have developed.
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