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Drummond AH, Bucher F, Levitan IB. 
“3H-LSD labels. a novel dopamine receptor in molluscan ganglia”. 
Experientia. 1978;34(7):923.
3H-LSD binds to both dopamine and serotonin (5HT) receptors in a particulate fraction derived from CNS of Helix pomatia. In the presence of 100 mcM 5HT, binding of 3H-LSD is only to ganglionic dopamine receptors ( > 900ure). This dopaminesensitive LSD-binding is inhibited stereospecifically by d-LSD and d-butaclamol, but not by cis-flupenthixol. Also, while ergot alkaloids are potent inhibitors of binding (Kd /= 0.1 mcM). Dopamine and analogs such as Epinine and (3,4-dihydroxyphenylamine)-2-imidazoline are inhibitory in the micromolar range, as are tryptamine derivatives such as bufotenine, N-methyltryptamine and 6,7dihydroxytryptamine. This spectrum of pharmacological action is similar to that reported for inhibitory dopaminergic synapses on Helix neurones, but is different from that found at vertebrate dopaminergic receptors.
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