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Erni F, Frei RW, Lindner W. 
“A Low-Cost Gradient System for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. Quantitation of Complex Pharmaceutical Raw Materials”. 
J.Chromatog.. 1976;125(1):265-74.
A gradient elusion system for the HPLC quantitation of complex pharmaceutical raw materials is described. The gradient elusion HPLC system was applied to the separation of synthetic mixtures of senna glycosides: sennosidea A, B and C and the ergot alkaloids listed below. Studio a on the gradient elusion system were carried out with caffeine in MeOH, PrOH or acetonitrile The separations were carried out on a column of reversed phase material Nucleosil C18 and acetonitrile /NaHCO3. Details of retention time are given.
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