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Fiorese FF, Pirl JN, Manio PR, Carella A. 
“Ethchlorvynol Reagent for Functional Groups Detection”. 
Anal. Chem.. 1973;45(2):388-90.
The hypnotic drug, ethchlorvynol (E) (Placidyl) in the presence of concentrated orthophosphoric acid was adsorbed onto activated Florisil and used as a detection reagent for a series of drugs. The Florisil was activated by heating for 2 be at 200íC and a two-drop aliquot of the sample to be tested was added to the top of one of an identical pair of Florisil columns. Three drops of the reagent (2% (E) in chloroform) were added to each column, followed by 3 drops of orthophosphoric acid. After 1 min. 95 0.000000e+00thanol or another polar solvent was added to one of the columns. The colours developed were recorded at once and after 5 min. The following compounds were examined using the described

METHODS: hydroxyphenamate, meprobamate, carisoprodol, metaxalone, benzocaine, malathion, tapazole, glutathione, thiobarbituric acid, methapyrilene, nardil, phenothiazines, iproniazid, nialamide, isocarbazid, phenelzine, isoniazid, phenylhydrazine, LSD maleate, ergotrate maleate, reserpine, methysergide, rescinnamine and yohimbine.
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