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Holland J, Massie MJ, Grant C, Plumb MM. 
“Drugs Ingested in Suicide Attempts and Fatal Outcome.”. 
N.Y.State J.Med.. 1975;75(13):2343-49.
Drug overdosage in suicide attempts was reviewed. 385 Consecutive suicide attempts by drug ingestion, -onfirmed by toxicologic analysis of blood and urine were -tudied. In 275 overdoses, a single drug was used: barbiturates (BB; phenobarbital, pentobarbital) were ingested 94x, over-thecounter drugs (methapyrilene (Nytol), Bufferin, Sominex, aspirin) 43x; alcohol, whiskey, beer, 40x; glutethimide (GT), 23x; miscellaneous medications (digitalis, sodium diphenylhydantoin), 19x; minot tranquilizers, 16x; phenothiazines (PT), 7x; methyprylon, 7x; poisons (Pine Sol, lighter fluid), 7x and hallucinogens (LSD) 6x. GT was present in 2 fatal cases and had a mortality of 8.7%. More than 1 drug was identified in 110 ingestions; alcohol was involved in 73 cases. BB in 51, minor tranquillizers in 34, and nonprescription drugs in 15; methyprylon in 13; PT in 10, and miscellaneous medications in 12. GT ingested in 12% mixed-drug overdosages was present in 3 deaths (23%). BB and PT were each ingested in 1/5 deaths, with a mortality rate of 0.69% and 3.8%, respectively. Alcohol had been ingested-in 3 deaths (27%) and GT in all 5 deaths (13.8%). Of the 5 cases that died, case 1 (24 yr old) had taken 16 g of GT. Seizures responded temporary to i.v. diazepam (10 ma) and diphenylLydantoin. He died after grand mat seizures, acute tubular necrosis and bilateral bronchopneumonia. Case 2 was 46 yr old woman who had taken 20 g GT. She died after status epilepticus with coma, bronchopneumonia and renal failure. Case 3, a 51 yr old woman, had taken GT (4.7 mg/100 ml serum) and alcohol (60 mcg/100 ml serum). She died after retroperitoneal hematoma - condary to hemodialysis. Case 4, a 58 ye old woman, had 1.3 mg/100 ml phenobarbital, 0.3 mg/100 ml GT, and a trace of alcohol; she was also taking secobarbital and digitalis. Bradycardia and ventricular irritability were treated with lidocaine (Xylocaine). She died from cardiac arrest. Case 5, a 57 yr old woman, had 0.7 mg/100 ml GT and 107 mg/100 ml alcohol. Urine findings were positive for PT (thioridazine HCl). She died from possible myocardial infarction. She had prescriptions for nortriptyline HCl and diazepam, also.
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