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Izquierdo I. 
“Relations between orienting, pseudoconditioned and conditioned responses in the shuttle-box - a pharmacological analysis by means or LSD and dibenamine”. 
Behavioral Biology. 1975;15(2):193-205.
The effect of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) (0.075mg/kg 7 and 0.3mg/kg) on orienting and on shuttle responses to a buzzer was investigated in rats submitted to three different ex- J perimental procedures in a shuttlebox: 1) habituation 2) pseu doconditioning, and 3) two-way avoidance. LSD increased orienting response in all three situations in a dose dependent fashion, and dibenamine (10 mg/kg), had a similar action. LSD also enhanced performance of pseudoconditioned responses in a dose dependent fashion, an effect potentiated by dibenamine. In the two-way situation, pretrial LSD increased shuttle responses only at the lower dose, and when given together with dioenamine it was depressant at both doses. Re tention was lower in all LSD groups than in water or dibenamine treated groups. It is concluded that LSD has a deleterious effect on acquisition of the shuttle response. Dibenamine alone had no effect on either conditioned or pseudoconditioned shuttling. These results indicate that orienting, pseudoconditioned shuttling and conditioned shuttling each have a distinct pharmacology of their own.
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