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Jaton AL, Loew DM, Vigouret JM. 
“Turning behaviour elicited by apomorphine, (+)-amphetamine and three ergot derivatives in rats treated with a unilateral injection of ethanolamine-O-sulphate in the substantia nigra”. 
Brit J. Pharmacol.. 1977;59(3):464P-465P.
Recently, Dray, Oakley & Simmonds (1975) have reported that apomorphine and (+)-amphetamine elicit ipsilateral turning in rats which have received a unilateral injection of ethanolamine-O-sulphate (EOS) into the substantia nigra. After EOS injection, these animals showed an elevation of GABA concentration in the substantia nigra brought about by an inhibition of GABA transaminase (Fowler, 1973). This may correspond to an activation of an inhibitory GABA-minergic pathway from the striatum to the dopamine containing neurons of the zone reticulate of the substantia nigra (McGeer, McGeer, Wada & Jung, 1971; Kim, Bak, Hassler & Okada, 1971. We wish to report on the effects of three ergot derivatives which have been shown to elicit contralateral turning in rats with a unilateral degeneration of the nigro-striatal pathways after administration of 6-hydroxydopamine into the substanba nigra. Under nembutal anaethesia, male OFA rats....(MISSING TEXT)... 1.5 mcl) stereotaxically directed into the zone reticulata of the substantia nigra. Drugs were administered s.c., 24 h after EOS, 6 rats per group. Behaviour was assessed during the following 7 hours. Injection sites were confirmed histologically. As reported by Dray, Oakley & Simmonds (1975), apomorphine and (+)-amphetamine (1-4 mg/kg) both elicited ipsilateral turning. After 4 mg/kg, the total number of turns was 513 +/- 87 and 852 +/- 111, respectively. In contrast to the results of Dray, Fowler, Oakley, Simmonds & Tanner (1975), bromocriptine (10 or 50 mg/kg) elicited ipsilateral postural asymmetry and stereotyped sniffing. Ipsilateral turning was only observed upon handling. The ergoline derivative CF25-397 (Jaton, Loew & Vigouret, 1976) induced only contralateral asymmetry at doses of 20 to 50 mg/kg LSD 25 (1 or 4 mg/kg) induced typical contralateral turning. After 4 mg/kg, the total number of turns was 210 +/- 49. These results indicate that the three ergot derivatives investigated exert differential actions in EOS treated rats. As opposed to apomorphine and (+)-amphetamine, LSD-25 was the only compound which elicited contralateral turning after unilateral inhibition of GABA metabolism.
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